About Us


The Art of Life, one of the most respected and leading Feng Shui consultancy firms in Southern California, and is led by Founder and Principal Expert Janet Woods Msc.d.

About Janet……..

Janet started the Art of Life in the mid- nineties after an esteemed career with the Xerox Corporation. Knowing that environment can make or break a person or a company she applied the knowledge she learned from numerous Masters of Feng Shui, Asian Astrology and Shaman to create  powerful office spaces for titans in business world. Such as New York Life, Merrill Lynch, Remax, Century 21, Cigna, just to name a few.

She made history by being the first African American Feng Shui Master in the United States, and founded the Orange County Feng Shui Guild, the Feng Shui Professional Association, and the Multidisciplinary Arts Guild.

In order to expose more westerners to the art of Feng Shui,  Janet founded the Art of Life Institute which educates the public on how to implement the principles into their daily lives.


In 2015 she was recognized by the California Senate and the County of Riverside Board of Supervisors for her contributions. She also received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Obama Administration and White House for her service to the community.


As a media personality, Janet is a contributing writer to “E” The Magazine for Today’s’ Female Executive. She has appeared on numerous cable  and new programs, and host her own radio show on iTunes called ” a Notable Life”. She has also shared the stage with luminaries such as Les Brown, Mark Victor Hansen, Laurel Langemeier, and Michael Beckwith.



In 2016 she won the Independent Press Publishers Award for her contribution to the global best selling book ” The Big Idea”, and has authored her own best selling book , the Art of Life at Home.



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