Full Moon Rising March 7, 2023

March 7, 2023, marks a special day in the celestial calendar. During that night, the full moon will be at its

brightest and most powerful, making it the perfect time for a magical evening of activities. Here are some fun

things you can do to make the most of this captivating celestial event.

• Watch the moonset: As the moon is setting, take some time to observe the sky, noting the changing light and shadows as the moon slowly descends.

• Have an outdoor celebration: Gather your family and friends for a gathering outdoors under the full moon. Bring glow sticks, sparklers, and other items to create a festive atmosphere.

• Take part in a ritual: Full moons are excellent times for rituals, such as writing down your hopes and dreams and releasing them into the universe.

• Stargaze: Spend some time lying back and soaking in the starlit sky. You might even spot some shooting stars during this special occasion!

• Light candles: Illuminate your home with warm, inviting candlelight. Don’t forget to make a wish while lighting each one.

Enjoy the full moon magic of March 7, 2023, by incorporating some of these enchanting activities into your evening.

Unlock Abundance and Joy with These 15 Feng Shui Tips for Spring 2023.

As Spring 2023 approaches, it’s time to think about refreshing our surroundings and creating a space that brings harmony and beauty to our lives. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art that teaches us how to create balance and energy flow in our environment. With the right balance of elements, you can attract wealth, health, and happiness into your home. Here are 15 Feng Shui tips for Spring 2023 to help you get started:

1. Clean Up Your Space – Clear out any clutter or items that you no longer need to create an atmosphere of calm.

2. Rearrange Your Furniture Layout – To promote positive energy flow, rearrange your furniture layout to form an inviting atmosphere.

3. Consider A Color Scheme – Adding bold and light colors in the Springtime can add brightness and energy to the home.

4. Bring Nature In – Incorporate plants, stones, or other natural materials to bring more life into the room.

5. Create Balance – Spread the five Feng Shui elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water) evenly throughout the home.

6. Utilize A Mirror – Place a one or two large mirrors on opposite walls to create a balanced and expansive feel.

7. Let Light Shine In – Install new lighting fixtures or rearrange existing ones to maximize the amount of light.

8. Enhance Your Entryway – Create an inviting atmosphere at the entrance of the home with a place setting, colorful flowers or small tree, or a statue.

9. Place Art Strategically – Hang artwork at eye level to promote a sense of visual balance.

10. Make Use Of Storage – Store away items that you don’t use regularly in closets, shelving units, or cabinets.

11. Amplify Positive Energy – Use incense, candles, music, or essential oils to create a positive atmosphere.

12. Focus On Your Intention – Put up pictures and reminders of what you want to achieve this season to keep yourself motivated.

13. Care For Your Living Space – Make sure to dust, scrub, and clean your living space regularly to maintain a positive energy.

14. Put Up Positive Affirmations – Place positive affirmations and words around your home to keep yourself inspired.

15. Connect with Nature – Spend some time outside every day to recharge and rejuvenate yourself.

Space Clearing During Covid 19


Space Clearing is a specialized branch of Feng Shui that works at even deeper levels to cleanse and purify the atmospheres of buildings. It is a profound and highly effective in creating positive energy on an astral plane or ethereal level.




Why Space Clearing ?

  • Results are experienced Quickly
  • People Feel better and uplifted within hours
  • Spiritual Connections Are Created
  •  Emotional Issues Are Released Easier


Enjoy The Shooting Stars

The Perseid meteor shower, a phenomenon producing up to 60 to 70 meteors per hour in the night’s sky will peak today. This will last until August 24

 In ancient Greek mythology, Perseus is the son of the god Zeus and the mortal Danae,. It is said the Perseid shower commemorates the time when Zeus visited Danae, the mother of Perseus, in a shower of gold.

 What does all of this Mean………………………………

 The New Moon was last Saturday when most of you made your list of “Intentions” for the next 15 days. Couple this with the falling stars and make some wishes every night


Celebrate International Women’s Day With Color

Today is International Women’s Day

With the birth of the Time’s Up and MeToo movements, International Women’s Day this year will hold more significance than ever.

So celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women. With a little color.

An easy way to bring awareness to women’s rights is to dress accordingly. Just like the Hollywood’s decision to show solidarity for Time’s Up by wearing black to this year’s Golden Globe Awards ceremony to make a strong statement.

Here are the Colors to wear Today :

Black for Solidarity

Red for Power

Purple for Dignity

Green for Hope

White for Purity

Pink for Femininity

Enjoy the day and honor your fellow women and wear your colors proudly.


Celebrate the Year of the Earth Dog

The Chinese New Year starts with the first New Moon of a New Year and ends with the Full Moon 15 days later. So, we celebrate the Chinese New Year for 2 entire weeks plus one day.

The family celebrates the Chinese New Year according to what is called the Lunar Year which means ‘Moon Year’. This celebration is considered a way to get rid of the old year and celebrate the new one with great thoughts, prayers and happy times.

15 days to celebrate

New Years Eve — We celebrate family and our ancestors on this day. The Chinese believe that it is our ancestors who ‘laid-the-foundation’ for our family as we know it today.

New Years Day — We  feast !!  You may call it a Thanksgiving feast that includes our family and what we are thankful for. On this day, many Chinese give read envelopes filled with money, and exchange small gifts .


2nd day — Dog day. I know, this sounds strange but we do lots of praying and are thankful for dogs, because the Chinese believe that the 2nd day is all dog’s birthday.

3rd Day and 4th Day — These days are the days all sons-in-law pay respect to their wives families. Fortunes are read, and

5th Day — This day is called, “Po Woo.” This is the day everyone stays home in anticipation of welcoming wealth into their house. No one visits each other or leaves their house because this will bring bad luck to both people. I call it a day of rest!

6th Day through 10th Day — This is the time of family feasting and fun. We go to temples, get together with lots of relatives and celebrate by enjoying our family.

11th Day through 12th Day — We invite friends to dinner and share our wealth.

13th Day — We spend time eating very simple food because all those dinners have become too much.

14th Day — We plan for our last big day by making lanterns and parade floats, streamers and dragons. We really look forward to this final day of celebration.

15th Day — This is Lantern Festival day. It is a festival with singing, lantern shows, and dancing.


Super Moon, a Blue Moon and a Total Lunar Eclipse, Oh My!

Heaven Watchers will get a rare triple treat next Wednesday, Jan. 31: a Super Moon, a Blue Moon and a total Lunar Eclipse.

This Super Moon is the first blue moon and total lunar eclipse in the U.S. March 1866. A blue moon (However, the moon doesn’t actually appear blue.)which occurs about every 2½ years is another term for the second full moon in a single calendar month. January’s first full moon occurred on New Year’s day, Jan. 1.

The total Lunar Eclipse, it will be visible early in the morning of Jan. 31 from western North America across the Pacific to eastern Asia In the United States, the best view of the eclipse will be along the West Coast.

Stay Tuned on what this will mean astrologically, personally, and what to do this coming Monday.


Mercury Retrograde Is Coming

Mercury Retrograde begins on Saturday, August 12th   until September 4th.  In addition to Mercury, 4 other Planets are also in Retrograde. They are Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. This combination of retrograde energy is going to slow life to a halt. Patience is definitely needed over the coming weeks.

What Do These Retrogrades Mean?
This Mercury retrograde allows you to get in touch with deeply buried resentments so that you can heal. Old friends may reenter your life to settle old karma and allow you to move on. Pay attention to the way you communicate with people

When Neptune goes retrograde. Our ability to see the truth is in question. Embrace situations that show your creative and business collaborators’ true colors, and resolve to accept what you see. Things that are hidden will be revealed.

When Uranus goes retrograde, You may feel lost from all that you’ve known. This is a time to awaken to your true desires and question what is really working.

When Saturn goes retrograde it is a good time to work on our long term goals. Revisit your responsibilities and duties. Restructure the way you manifest your reality, and find a new way of overcoming obstacles.