Energetic Cleansing

Everything is made up of energy. Whether it is our car, our desk, our bed, or our favorite item of clothing  Our thoughts, feelings, and emotions are also made up of what we call vibrational energy.

Buildings and the land itself can retain vibrational energy from our thoughts and emotions.  at the Art of Life, we have found that vibrations remain in a space even though the people who lived our worked there have gone away. Especially if the emotional energy or trauma was of such strength to cause an energetic imprint. Such as a divorce, a crime, or sudden death. These are just a few reasons why a home, building or workplace can be affected by unwanted energy or paranormal occurrences.

We as humans can feel vibrations and energy on many levels. Sometimes we feel things and do not know or understand where this is coming from. We tend to ignore it or believe it is something in the wind.

If you are simply not happy with the “feel” of your home, building, or space, it may just need a good Energy Cleansing. Having an Energetic Cleansing will make you feel, healthier and happier and improve your family, and your pets.

Unwanted energy seeps into our space constantly so it’s important to keep a positive flow throughout your environment. When your home is energetically cleansed, it restores balance and harmony to your life, which is essential for giving you and your family a happy and healthy place for deep healing and rejuvenating the spirit.

When you make energy cleansing a part of your normal routine, it’s the perfect remedy for easing the stress and anxiety that comes from the demands of modern living.

The Art of Life has been providing Energetic Cleansing for over twenty years. We have the ability to do it from a distance, and we can also visit you at your home or business.

We do not use, incense, sage or fire to cleanse vibrational energy. We have found they can cause allergic reactions using these methods, in addition to them being ineffective and temporary as well.

Our Energetic Expert: Janet Woods Msc.d

Janet Woods Msc.d is a Reiki Master, Energetic Healer, Master Dowser and Grand Master of Feng Shui. #1 Best Selling Author, Award Winning Speaker, and Media Personality..

Her ability to work with the flow of energy, and identify issues is unsurpassed. She will energetically remove unwanted energy from your space. Her methods are based on quantum physics, modern technology and ancient wisdom which has stood the test of time.

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