Super Moon, a Blue Moon and a Total Lunar Eclipse, Oh My!

Heaven Watchers will get a rare triple treat next Wednesday, Jan. 31: a Super Moon, a Blue Moon and a total Lunar Eclipse.

This Super Moon is the first blue moon and total lunar eclipse in the U.S. March 1866. A blue moon (However, the moon doesn’t actually appear blue.)which occurs about every 2½ years is another term for the second full moon in a single calendar month. January’s first full moon occurred on New Year’s day, Jan. 1.

The total Lunar Eclipse, it will be visible early in the morning of Jan. 31 from western North America across the Pacific to eastern Asia In the United States, the best view of the eclipse will be along the West Coast.

Stay Tuned on what this will mean astrologically, personally, and what to do this coming Monday.