Asian Astrology Chart

What would your life be like if you had access to the future?

What if you knew ahead of time what the day would bring?

What if you knew the best days for making deals?

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Yes, you would have a much better life and you would have the ability to create more time for the things you really enjoy. You would also experience success on a daily basis.


Our Wealth and Destiny Consultation is designed to take you to the next level, and allow you to create more time, money and happiness on a daily basis. The Wealth and Destiny Consultation comes with a customized calendar based on a 5,000-year-old Asian secret. In Asia, every successful businessperson commission their ‘Personal destiny Chart”. This personalized chart is based on the lunar calendar and outlines daily actions for success.


 This calendar of based on their personal birth information and outlines their ” Best & Worst Days” for the year. It also outlines what days are good for finance, romance, recreation and relaxation, and luck! The calendar also tells you the days where obstacles may arise, and when generally a bad day will come across your path.

Janet Woods Msc.d  an expert in Asian Metaphysics has been providing this specialized information to  Business  Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Fortune 500 executives for over a decade. As a Futurist, she knows the ability to bend time and space has been a guarded weapon of successful and wealthy people.

In less than 90 minutes, she will unfold your upcoming year in great detail and use the Wealth and Destiny Calendar, provide tools to make your life one of possibility. Your 100 +page book comes with everything you will need to shift your life into high gear. Be prepared to let go of your past and step into a future where manifesting is a way of life.


Your Investment is $299.00

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