Wellness Consultation

Janet Woods Msc.d is a Usui Reiki Grand Master, and Energetic Wellness Professional. She has been personally trained  and attuned by Dr. Barbara Fukuda, and Raven Keyes. Raven Keyes is known for being part of the original Complementary Alternative Medical programs  at Colombia Presbyterian Hospital lead by Dr. Mehmet Oz. Dr. Barbara Fukuda is part of the original lineage  of Dr. Usui.

Reiki is known to bring feelings of calmness and a feelings of well being to the client. It floods the body with the energy needed for a speedy and effective wellness.. Reiki has been shown to be a very important tool for maintaining and restoring wellness following illness and medical procedures.

Wellness Benefits of Reiki


As  a  Certified Medical Reiki Master™ , Janet is trained in best practices for giving Reiki treatments in medical facilities. Medical Reiki™ is the practice of bringing healing power into an operating room. Janet is  trained to transmit this powerful energetic technology during surgery while working safely and unobtrusively with any surgical team.

Medical Reiki™ is also a  specialized protocol in the practice of Integrative Medicine. It is based on the Gold Standards and Practices developed by Raven Keyes for bringing the energetic power of Reiki to patients during surgeries or during other medical treatments performed in medical facilities and clinics , such as chemotherapy, pre-operative preparation and post-operative care.

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